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BMW’s Performance Vehicles

Any car enthusiast will tell you that BMWs are masterful machines. To “drive” this point home, the company recently set up a closed course in Las Vegas where lucky folks could ride fully equipped performance vehicles through an exhilarating series of twists and turns. Sounds like the perfect kind of fun to have in America’s Playground, doesn’t it?

Attendees first drove non-performance cars before going for round two in the souped up vehicles. Riders noticed that the performance vehicles effortlessly handled twists and turns, and were responsive to each and every move the drivers made. One attendee noted that the performance equipment “enhanced” what was already a fun automobile to begin with.

While we didn’t get to test-drive these cars personally, we did adorn them with graphics for the event. BMW is at the forefront of the automobile industry, and EMR is at the forefront of the high quality printing industry. It only makes sense that some big players join forces, right? You could say that good things come in threes… well, in three letters, anyway.

If you’d like to watch these cars glide through the track, click here to watch a YouTube video of this incredible event.

If you like our work, please consider spreading the word!

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